Introduce yourself and tell the world who you are and what you stand for…

Grand Angel: What up Hip-Hop Shizzle! This is Grand Angel, and we are emotions understood universally. We stand for doing music that identifies with all walks of life; we don’t pigeonhole our sound into any one category. Grand Angel is comprised of Grand Noble and Archangel, lyricists and beatmakers, we’re trying to elevate ourselves and our listeners.

Let’s talk about your latest project. Who produced it, who features, where can people grab it and what seem to be the most popular tracks?

Grand Angel: Our most recent project is called “Welcome To Tweehab: The EP” which will be out for free download February 2010, available on our page: www.myspace.com/GrandAngel510. Production is handled by DJ Tesskoi, DJ DviousMindZ, Dub’s Attic and DJ Rob-E with Mistah F.A.B. on the track “Hit Me On Twitter.” It’s a concept album with a focus on the new social site Twitter; we convey the message with track titles like “Twurple” and “Word On The Tweetvine.” Man it’s something special for sure! Our latest big release is “Dark End of the Stage” which is available on iTunes and Amazon.com. Archangel does more than half the production for the album, along with a cut from DJ DeeSkee featuring 2Mex of The Visionaries. And shout out to our artist El Tumi who ripped it on our track dedicated to the U.S. Marine Corp. Coming soon is also our project “Melody of Emotions” produced entirely be DJ Tesskoi, which will also be available for free download when it comes out!

So what’s your label situation? 

Grand Angel: We are signed to Bay 2 L.A. Entertainment, and in partnership with Executive Sound Productions. We have a studio agreement and distribution through them. We’d definitely consider signing to a Major, when the time comes. For now, it’s all about the hustle, the networking and doing what our team can to get the music out there.

How did you get into music and what would you credit as your main influence and your main breaks that have helped you to get where you are today? 

Grand Angel: We’ve both been writers for many years previous to the music game. Music really just came naturally to us, Hip-Hop and music in general is the air we breathe. We’re influenced by each other mostly. We’re constantly trying to elevate and that pushes each other to be greater and greater with every song, with every performance. Also our concepts and tangent conversations open us up to new ideas and creativity. Our biggest initial break in to the industry was doing this huge carshow “AutoCRAVE” where we were able to open for Dilated Peoples and The Visionaries; and also starting our own online show called Grand Angel TV (www.youtube.com/GrandAngelTV) where we feature artists we respect, gaining valuable connections.

We love Hip-Hop music here at Hip-Hop Shizzle… but being totally honest what do you love the most about Hip-Hop? 

Grand Angel: We love how Hip-Hop can bring strangers together, who might have opposite life styles; how it crosses all racial boundries and parental upbringings. Hip-Hop can bring peace of mind on a stressful day, or teach you philosophical life lessons, or even enrage you with the hard truth of the reality we all live in… but try so hard to ignore. And to be TOTALLY honest, man, that shit just sounds good! haha. 

A lot of people are moaning with the way Hip-Hop music has gone? What’s your take on how the Hip-Hop industry is at the moment? 

The industry is segregated, in a way. As we all know, Hip-Hop is very cultured and diverse; however, what we hear en masse is mostly one-sided. So, of course, Hip-Hop is not dead. You could say… it’s just being suppressed. The Taoists used to say “Don’t fight the bad, make progress in the good.” We’re not tryna focus on what people think is wrong, we’re just trying to make the best music possible to touch the most people possible and have the most lasting impact… as possible. 

Do you have a website, My Space, Twitter, Blog and Facebook page? 

www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001P77320 – Dark End of the Stage.
www.twitter.com/GrandAngelTV – you can get our solo Twitter pages from that page.

Do you have any good footage on You Tube or any music videos? 

The first place all the Hip-Hop Shizzle readers need to check out is www.youtube.com/GrandAngelTV. Our latest videos feature interview and concert footage with: E-40 and Ya Boy, Slaughterhouse, Tech N9ne, B-Real, and upcoming vids will feature LMNO (The Visionaries) and Brother Ali among others! We also have a grip of music videos on there too, most recently our album cut “Slip-Not” featuring GeeNox and El Tumi, this joint definitely shows how the Bay Area gets down! (www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ-FcanqS3s)


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