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@UKRunnings Presents @LostAlliance ‘Dare 2 Win’ (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) #Review @ManicalHotRox @Pact_PROlific @ParkStreetPR


‘Dare 2 Win’ is the debut mixtape from Lost Alliance from the West Midlands, and actually their third release since they started in October 2010. The crew consists of two emcees Hot Rox and Pact Prolific who also both produce too. The vibe here is very Necro, Vinny Paz, Ill Bill, Bootcamp Click, Sean Price in musicality but is defiantly on a UK vibe lyrically. There’s some nice guest too, including Sipher who kills it every time and the lyrical machine Big Dutty Deeze features too.

There’s some real killer tracks here, Rox’s 3 16’s is one of my personal fav’s with the cuts from the Notorious P.I.D (what a hefty name! lol), being so so so ill. It’s a real neck snapping journey. Pact impresses too, especially on their spit over a classic Fugees instrumental. The mixtape is best described as real UK Hip-Hop with integrity. This is so good that I got to cut the review short so I can bump it again.

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Words: Si Dellar