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Raggo Zulu Rebel – Rastaman @RaggoZuluRebel @ParkStreetPR

4 mr 5star 5


XO the Rebellion – The Path

XO the Rebellion – The Path #Audio


Peaky – Contamination

Peaky – Contamination #Single

Peaky – Contamination #Video #Video


Rich Quick – No1 (Prod. by @STANKFOOTprod)



Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome

Peaky - Crazy Pupil Syndrome

‘An adventurous underground masterpiece’
‘Creatively brilliant and refreshingly awesome’
‘A superb new concept album, something Hip-Hop fans will adore’

Let us introduce you to Peaky, a UK rapper with a worldwide sound that is already getting a massive thumbs up from some of Hip-Hops leading bloggers and deejays. ‘Crazy Pupil Syndrome’ is a free download concept album that you need in your life. This is something refreshingly creative, original and very unique; an album that you can’t afford to sleep on.

The story within the album takes the listener on a reflective journey into a few days of Peaky’s life, set a year ago; addicted to weed, reclusive, and disorganized. Now in a very different place, with so many things popping off for Peaky, this is a project that any discerning fan of real music will respect and love.

Musically, this album lends itself to some awesomely soulful, jazzy and funky vibrations with a 90’s golden era Boom Bap style. There are also more experimental and chilled tracks, which balance the more aggressive trap style tracks well. It’s diverse in its approach but has a very defining sound throughout, with an array of music videos already out virally.

Born and raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, Peaky started writing and producing at the age of fifteen, just after winning a Bursary Scholarship to Charterhouse Boarding School at age the age of thirteen. Being educated there gave Peaky a broad perspective on either end of the economic spectrum which can be seen in the way he delivers and writes songs.

Peaky is also part of the collective known as FRWRDthnkrs which he runs with experimental, electronic Hip-Hop producer HAWF who produced the ‘Advent’ project where together they released one track a day for the 25 days of December up to Christmas, at the end of 2013. Earlier this year Peaky did an independent tour of South California and performing alongside Bizzy Bone, Reverie & Devin the Dude. He was also made a member of the West Coast collective theFreshState, proving once more that he is more than just your average UK emcee.

Peaky – LAtely #Video

Peaky – FRWRDthkrs #Video

Peaky – Belly Of The Sphinx #Video

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome (Track-listing):

01. Painting the City (feat. Clare Bishop)
02. LAtely
03. Holding My Dreams
04. Skit – “Awake”
05. Dead Presidents
06. Dilations and Credentials
07. Belly of the Sphinx
08. Skit – “Results + My Ego”
09. Patrick Stewart / Grind
10. Lonely and Cold
11. Skit – “Invitation”
12. Luxury
13. Drunk Off the Funk
14. Too Late
15. Televised Daemons
16. Fr£ak$ (feat. Eyesis Star)
17. Lucifer’s Wrist (feat. Hlkz & Kahlee)[Bonus]

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D-Red – S.F.M.S Volume One (Prod. by J-Max)

‘A release any artist would be proud of’
‘Quality stuff from an artist to watch’
‘From start to finish this EP really impresses’

D-Red – S.F.M.S Volume One (Prod. by JMaxfield) Track-listing:

01 – Intro
02 – Floatin’
03 – #1 Lady
04 – Highdeas

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Sketchamus ‘Scrumpy Rap’


01. House Of Mystery (Produced by Nuttkase)
02. Intellect’s Dialect feat. Matty C & Rapulsive (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
03. No Escape (Produced by Blanka)
04. Subconscious (2012) (Produced by NEUS)
05. Wake Up! (Produced by Astrum)
06. Phantom (Produced by AZ Productions)
07. The Steel Finger (Produced by Asi-C)
08. Subconscious II (Produced by thesecession)
09. Betrayal feat. Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside & Yozi Mac (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
10. I Don’t Know (Produced by Neptix)
11. The Flow Definition (Entry for R.A. The Rugged Man’s Definition Of A Rap Flow Contest)
12. BONUS TRACK – The ‘Bar’barian Mix

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Check these videos:

Sketchamus – Intellect’s Dialect

Sketchamus – House Of Mystery Verse (Living Room Session)

Sketchamus – 16 Bar Challenge 2014


Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox – Harsh But Fair #Video #Single @Remnantmuzic @ParkStreetPR

Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox – Harsh But Fair #MP3

UK rapper Soloman Gehazi and UK producer Termite drop their first single and video from the forthcoming album ‘Gehazimite’ due for release at the end of June on Remnant Muzic.

This heavyweight Termite produced Hip-Hop banger sees the talented Soloman Gehazi drop some serious verbal’s along side Cambridge veteran Stakka Lyrics, the founding member of Delegates Of Culture, Rhymepad Radio and Rhymepad Records, and fellow Wolverhampton rapper Hot Rox from the well respected Lost Alliance.

‘Harsh But Fair’ is a must for fans of Boombap, UK Hip-Hop or just good music on the whole, and as early reactions & reviews are showing this track is definitely a future anthem. This excellent collaboration is the perfect jump off for what promises to be such a quality album release.

The video comes complete with a superb music video shot by Triple Fear Films and features cameos from the likes of LATE, Big Ribzy, Tricksta, and Pact Prolific from Lost Alliance, D7 and more. The single is available for free download or you can kindly make a contribution via the Remnant Muzic Bandcamp Page.

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Soloman Gehazi – Street Gospel Mixtape

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K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It @K_Ners @GenesisElijah @ParkStreetPR

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Audio

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Big Chris – In One Hand (Hosted by Lil Fats) #Mixtape @BigChrisRnB @LilFatsC2C @ParkStreetPR

Big Chris - In One Hand

‘Destined to blow, all the bases covered.’
‘Check for this you won’t be disappointed’
‘Unique & original, crossover potential’
‘A mixtape that fans of the UK urban sound will adore’
‘Solid production, quality songs with catchy melodies’

Big Chris – Simpler Times (Music Video)

Big Chris Feat. Samira – Bad Girl (Music Video)

Big Chris Feat. MC Bushkin – Baby Maker (Sneak Peak)

Big Chris – In One Hand (Track-list)
01. Bad Girl Feat. Samira
02. Simpler Times
03. Leavin
04. Leavin Remix Feat. Paigey Cakey
05. Baby Maker Feat. MC Bushkin
06. Hotel
07. Woah Feat. Tubby Boy
08. In The Club
09. Hold Me Acoustic Feat. Keisha White (Bonus)

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